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Sounds of Summer

Take a look at our new project in collaboration between Holt Hall and Norfolk Music Service

The ‘Sounds of Summer’ project is aiming to explore the musical response to a natural outdoor scene.

The project links to the music curriculum, investigating the use of sound to interpret our natural outdoor surroundings.

The key curriculum link is with music. All curriculum stages aim to ensure that all pupils have opportunities to create, improvise and compose music on their own and with others, giving an opportunity to develop your talent as a musician, to increase your self-confidence, creativity and sense of achievement.

This is a very open, creative way to compose music.

The project links well with the art and design curriculum in the making of the film and possibly in making instruments. A key aspect of the art and design curriculum is to experiment, invent and create your own works of art, craft and design, produce creative work, exploring your ideas and recording their experiences

There are potential links with other curriculum subjects including Design and Technology and maths in making instruments and geography in making instruments that have derived from another part of the world, and in the sense of place explored by the film.

How to make Wild Music Instruments
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