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Resources and activities to help young people aged 11-16 continue to learn as home

Leaf Race

Do you know any teenagers studying biology or maths at home?  Is all their schoolwork done sitting at a desk? Why not take part in a leaf race, a biology practical that can be carried out in a garden, park or even in the house.

Click here for our Leaf Race biology practical

Fit Graph

During this time of social distancing the Holt Hall team are travelling on a virtual journey from Land’s End to John O’Groats, combining our daily permitted exercise to cover the 1083 miles.  Are you going for a run or a walk every day?  Are you getting fitter?  Using a Fit Graph you can find out.

Fit Graph Graph  Fit graph worksheet

Daisy Distribution

This is a biology practical you can do in a garden or park with no special equipment for year 10 Science students & teenagers studying science.  This is a biology core practical for GCSE slightly altered for lockdown.

Daisy Distribution worksheet

Minnow Movement

Keeping up with our watery theme for this week please enjoy using our minnow movement worksheet for your lockdown fieldwork, and you don’t even need a stream!

Minnow Movement worksheet

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