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Early Years

Fun and educational activities for children aged 0-5

Minibeast Spotting and identifying leaves

Although aimed at younger children, the whole family can take part in seeking out leaves and finding the minibeasts that live amongst them.  Look out of your window, in your garden or on a walk at the different shapes and sizes of leaves and see if you can work out what they are.  Click here for the leaf identity worksheet or here for the minibeast identity worksheet.

Rainbow Scavenger Hunt

Use your garden, outdoor space and daily exercise to hunt for objects to make a colourful rainbow.  Rainbows are a sign of hope – display your rainbow so other people can enjoy it!

Here’s some ideas on how you can create your beautiful rainbow’s; Rainbow Scavenger Hunt

Bird Spotting

Take a look at these worksheets, to see if you can tick off any birds that you spot in your garden or on a walk;

Spring bird scavenger hunt-activity  bird spotting guide



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