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Holt Hall has always been an excellent place for minibeast hunting. To celebrate our 70 years providing education, hunt for minibeasts outside or make or draw a minibeast inside, and send us a photo.


Activity sheet – Minibeasts with legs or no legs! 

Activity sheet –  Draw or send a photo

Minibeast discovery – recording sheet

  • Don’t pick up minibeasts with your hands.
  • Pick up the thing that they’re standing on or use the soft end of a paint brush to encourage them into a container.
  • Look underneath logs and stone and be sure to put the log or stone back just as it was.
  • When you have finished looking at your minibeasts, make sure you put them back where you found them.
  • Make sure your minibeasts are safe and you are safe

Click here for Minibeast key sheet

Make your own pitfall trap – instructions


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