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KS2 Christmas

Animal Tracking

Become an animal super-sleuth by searching for and understanding tracks in the snow. When it snows it is easier to see the tracks that animals leave on the ground. What animals have ventured out in the snow? Can you work out what they are just from looking at their footprints? Where were they going and what were they doing?! We walk around the grounds to find out.

Victorian Christmas Walk

Explore old Christmas traditions and find out about winter wildlife. This session leads the children on a discovery walk around the grounds of Holt Hall, exploring where the different traditions from Christmas have come from. The focus of the traditions can be varied to fit in with specific religious studies or beliefs.

Natural Christmas Crafts

Use natural materials to make Christmas decorations. Children will choose from a variety of Christmas based crafts, using natural materials as the bases for most activities.

Victorian Christmas Cookies

Make traditional Victorian Christmas cookies for the tree. This session allow the children to make and bake traditional cookies which the Victorians would have hung on their Christmas trees for decoration.

Institute for outdoor learning Brilliant Residentials Quality badge awarded by Council for Learning Outside the Classroom
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