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Pre-historic Cooking/Survival Challenge

Spend a day in the woods investigating prehistoric food and survival techniques. Cooking food may have had a very significant impact on prehistoric man and some believe that cooking actually helped man develop the large brain that we have today. What did people eat in the Stone Age, Bronze Age and Iron Age? How did they cook?

Minibeasts and Habitats

Enjoy collecting freshwater and woodland invertebrates and identifying them using branching keys. We have the option to add in woodland games to explore the beautiful ancient woodland and identify with the things that live there. There may also be the option to use microscopes in the science laboratory to take a closer look at the different minibeasts we find.

Flowers and Plants

We spend the day investigating, identifying and grouping common plant species through playing games, collecting things and asking questions. We can also include woodland or freshwater minibeast hunts in this day visit.

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