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Early Years

Fun and educational activities for children aged 0-5

Minibeast Spotting and identifying leaves

Look out of your window, in your garden or on a walk at the different shapes and sizes of leaves and see if you can work out what they are.  Leaf identity worksheet or Minibeast identity worksheet.

Rainbow Scavenger Hunt

Use your garden, outdoor space and daily exercise to hunt for objects to make a colourful rainbow.  Rainbows are a sign of hope – display your rainbow so other people can enjoy it!  Here’s some ideas on how you can create beautiful rainbows Rainbow Scavenger Hunt

Bird Spotting

Take a look at these worksheets to see if you can tick off any birds that you spot in your garden or on a walk   Spring bird scavenger hunt    Bird spotting guide

Get Bee-sy!

Celebrate World Bee Day: Did you know    Bee crafts

Home & Habitats – “Sharing a Shell”

“When crab finds a shiny new shell, he doesn’t want to share his new home with anyone, but he soon starts to miss his friends.  Perhaps being alone might not be best after all!”  Enjoy reading the story then learn about rhyming words and patterns.  Why not make your own rockpool?                     Sharing a Shell    Make a rockpool

Sounds of Summer

5 easy ways to engage young children with music in the outdoors: Listening walk    Dance & movement    What can you hear?


We’re celebrating our beautiful oceans and reminding everyone of the major role they have in our everyday life. We have 2 science experiments for Early Years children, we hope you enjoy them.   Ocean in a bottle  Frozen Ocean

The snail and the whale

This is the story of how one tiny snail saves the day. See our activity sheets for lots of fun things to do: maths, reading, art & music. Make a whale (click image)  Whale & snail     Colouring     Colour by numbers


Flutter, Flutter, Flutter-By – Midsummer is a great time to see butterflies, moths and caterpillars.  These activities are to help younger children find out more.  Butterfly detective   Art butterflies

Mud Glorious Mud

Playing in mud can be really good fun, it’s also great for developing language and using the senses!  Here are some of our favourite activities for inspiring younger children to have fun with mud!  Mud fun









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