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We are very pleased to announce our ‘Sounds of Summer’ project run in collaboration with Norfolk Music Service. The project aims to explore the musical response to a natural outdoor scene and links to the music curriculum, investigating the use of sound to interpret our natural outdoor surroundings.


Aimed at young people from Norfolk aged 2-18, the informal nature of the music making in this project means that it is accessible to every age group, from a four year old singing in response to a wood pigeon to a grade 8 musician composing a piece for a group.

The film can be made in a back garden, park or school field so it’s accessible to students who are working at home or in school, using a camera, phone or any other device that can create a short film.

The music can be made on any sound-producing device including natural instruments as well as orchestral instruments, electronic devices and voice. Ideally the music is created at the same moment the film is made, but it can also be added later. It’s all about the creative process for the individual!

Any young person under 18 and from Norfolk can submit a film. Last submissions will be accepted on 5th July 2020. The films will be uploaded to the Norfolk Music hub website each week in June and will be part of a medley produced at the end of the project in July.

To find out more and to take part, look at our Sounds of Summer page in our resources section or visit the Norfolk Music Hub website

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