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We work with schools to offer bespoke physical and human field day and residential packages. Here are some examples of field work that schools may choose to participate in

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River Studies

This field work includes a visit to the River Glaven; looking at changes in the landforms and processes in the long and cross profile of the river from source to sea.  Pupils can measure width, depth and velocity at regular intervals and make comparisons.  Pupils then can use their data to work out discharge and cross sectional area.

Coastal Studies

This field work can take place in various locations along the North Norfolk coastline.  Firstly, pupils may study coastal morphology and the influence of erosion, transportation and deposition on landforms.  Secondly, they can examine the impact of coastal erosion and management.  Thirdly, they can incorporate human geography skills by looking at the contrasting wealth and poverty along the North Norfolk coast.

Ecosystem Studies

This field work involves investigating the interrelationships that occur in a small scale ecosystem.  Examples include our own the woodland or lake habitat or along the North Norfolk coastline or the River Glaven.

Urban Regeneration

A day to explore the impact of redevelopment of brownfield land in Norwich along the Riverside development, looking at the social, economic and environmental impacts of urban change.


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