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We can support teachers in designing suitable field work which will meet the needs of the assessment criteria outlined in the new specifications.

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Coastal Studies

There is the opportunity for pupils to examine a variety of coastal systems and processes taking places along different locations of the North Norfolk coast.  Pupils can see at first hand the continued debate and complex issues over management of this coast.  In addition, pupils can use this area to explore coastal ecosystems and the variety of interactions and biodiversity present in the inter-tidal zone.

Ecosystem Studies

Pupils can examine a number of habitats; river, coastal, lake and woodland.  Themes covered can vary from looking at key ecological processes like the water and carbon cycles, succession and adaption, to looking at ecosystems that are under stress and the issues around sustainable management.

Contemporary Urban Issues

By using a variety of human field work skills, pupils can gain an appreciation around the importance of different urban locations in Norfolk and how their relative importance has change over time.  One example could be that pupils study the redevelopment of Brownfield land along the Riverside development in Norwich.  Pupils can also use a variety of rural and coastal urban locations to create contrasting place profiles.  Here pupils could look at collecting and examining economic data on rural and coastal poverty and the social inequality of different places.

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