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Onsite Sessions

We’ve listed our most popular sessions with a short description.

Underwater life

We will collect invertebrates from the Holt Hall lake, use ID keys and microscopes and explore food chains and/or adaptation. What secrets lie beneath the calm surface of the Holt Hall lake? How are invertebrates linked to water quality? What clues can the freshwater invertebrates give us about their habitats and food chains?

Minibeast magic

Developing questions about woodland minibeasts and investigating the answers. We will focus on scientific enquiry and investigation. Students plan their own enquiry and investigate questions such as is a beetle faster than a centipede? What does a woodlouse like to hide in? We collect data and try and answer their questions in the lab.

Life Under the Leaves

Exploring what woodland minibeasts eat and how they are adapted to woodland life. We will focus on food chains and adaptation of woodland invertebrates. What clues do   minibeasts give us about their habitats and food? We use microscopes to discover the   secrets of a life under leaves.

Tremendous Trees

Enquiry based session in the ancient woodland. We will help provide information for the grounds keepers through an investigation into the age and size of trees around Holt Hall. How can maths help you find out about nature? How many ways can you measure a tree without climbing it?

Darwin’s Walk

Discover plants the way Charles Darwin did. How can looking at plants help you find out about evolution? We explore nature and ask questions whilst walking around the woods, just like Charles Darwin did as a boy. There is an opportunity to develop questions in to an enquiry and try and answer them through investigation and research back in the lab.

Woodland Exploration

We can use the woods for a wide number of activities of your choice – poetry, woodland games, mindfulness, land art, self-discovery, science trails, storytelling, social development, the list goes on!

Den Building

Work in teams to design and construct a shelter using only the resources found in our woodland.

Green Man

We will find out about the image of the Green Man. Children will collect natural materials to design and create their own Green Man face to take back to school. How does your Green Man feel about the natural world today?

Art in the Environment

Use the environment around you to create a natural masterpiece. We explore questions around how/if the wood inspires us and look at the work of several land and environmental artist’s work.

Survival challenge

We look at what humans need to survive and how we can meet the basic needs. We make a shelter; find out how to prepare and cook food over a fire and think about how to make water safe to drink.

 Prehistoric Survival

Very similar to the survival challenge but with more of a focus on prehistoric living, techniques and resources.


An introduction to maps, compass points and orienteering. We will use progressively challenging activities to learn basic map reading skills. We can also include 4 and 6 digit grid references as part of the orienteering challenge for year Y5/6 students.

Raft Building

Work in teams to create a raft and test it on the lake. There are many ways to make a raft – we have a few options on how to deliver this session depend on how wet you want the children to get!

Team Challenges

A series of team challenges which take place around the Holt Hall grounds. A great activity to couple with something like den building or exploring the woodland.


Institute for outdoor learning Brilliant Residentials Quality badge awarded by Council for Learning Outside the Classroom
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