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Being located only a few miles from stunning coastal landscapes and with access to a complete river from source to mouth, Holt Hall is the ideal base for environmental, scientific and geographical studies.

We offer a range of activities which introduce students to the equipment and techniques of investigations and fieldwork from Key Stage 2 onwards. At advanced level these include random and systematic sampling approaches, biotic and abiotic data collection, plant and animal investigations, terrestrial and freshwater habitats.

A level sessions include:
A Case Study of Coastal Erosion/Coastal Flooding, Coastal Processes, Rivers and Management, Woodland Ecology, Terrestrial Invertebrates, Water Quality, Sand Dunes, Saltmarsh, Heathland, Rocky Shore, Energy Flow in an Eco System and Population Studies.

Key Stage 3/4 sessions include:
Investigative Geography/Science, Variation and Classification, Classification and Keys, Plant Adaptation, The River Glaven, Water Pollution, Coastal Erosion and Coastal Processes.


Would you like to:

  • raise children’s achievement through outdoor learning?
  • further utilise your grounds to support your curriculum?
  • achieve your school improvement goals through creative and motivating contexts?
  • benefit from expert support to progress with ‘Education for Sustainable Development’?

We offer motivating, hands-on and investigative approaches to learning which appeal to all children at Key Stage 1 and 2 and within the Foundation Stage.

Our tutors are well experienced in leading high quality outdoor learning at your Key Stage. With their help you can work on specific curricular areas using your local environment.

We can also give advice and support in exploring opportunities for developing your school as an ‘Eco-School’, utilising your school grounds for teaching and learning in many other curricular areas, environmental art and exploring extensions of school grounds, gardens and wildlife areas.

Cost: £180 per half day or £250 for a full day.

“A really excellent morning, nice snappy activities which excited and motivated all the children.”

If you are interested and would like more information please contact us.

Institute for outdoor learning Brilliant Residentials Quality badge awarded by Council for Learning Outside the Classroom
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